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Monday, January 25, 2010

Much ado about everything

Yep, am still here... barely... Doodlebug is still having issues. At first, after seeing the ENT specialist and being put on a month treatment of antibiotic, he actually started doing better. She set up an appointment with an allergy specialist, and we had testing done with that last week on the 18th. He had severe reactions to every mold possible on earth (except the kind that grows on bread), as well as uncommon trees, mixed grass, and nearly everything else except for dogs, cats, feathers, common house dust, and ragweed of all things. (Everyone is allergic to that stuff in these here parts, but not my man!) Well, Hubby and I have been desperately trying to get some deep cleaning done of the house. We've changed out filters, put in special allergy types, gone through and put allergy filters in the air ducts everywhere in the house, looking at seeing what it's going to take to get those special dust mite matress bags and pillow covers to get those put on all the beds, even gone so far as to start scrubbing baseboards with bleach water. Anyway... we found some rather disgusting finds in the bathroom when we decided to strip the caulking on the tub and put up new stuff. The people that rented this house before we decided to buy it took the cheap way out and didn't strip/clean the area before putting up the CHEAP stuff on top of the mold and junk that was underneath. We have been doing all this cleaning while he's been at school, so his coughing has gone up a bit, taking into account the allergist has put him on additional meds to what he's already taking. Anyway... we found the bathroom crap Friday, and spent all day getting that cleaned out. It appears we might have done more damage than good. Not a few minutes after William was home from school did the coughing start. He did it all day Saturday, and by midnight Saturday night, BAM!! Fever of 102.2. He's had fever for the most part ever since. I've been on the phone since even before offices opened up to get him in to see someone. You can hear the rattle in his chest, and when the coughing starts, he can barely breathe. He goes back to another doctor this afternoon, and am getting myself prepared that we'll be bringing home a breathing machine, or having something done at least at the office. My poor, poor baby.... My situation: New Years Eve, I was rushed to the ER via ambulance because I thought my appendix was trying to rupture. I had cysts rupture instead, as well as pass an apparent kidney stone. After an extensive CAT scan, I have two more stones (one in each kidney) that are doing battle trying to get out. I see a specialist for that this coming Wednesday. I can't get into my OB/GYN until the end of February to talk to him about the current state of affairs with my ovaries and other strange girlie parts. The pills aren't working as they are supposed to be doing. I have cysts like there's no tomorrow. I'm so not happy. Now, my designing... I have a couple of trains I put myself into prior to all this drama going on. I am committed to them, and will get my things up as soon as I have a spare moment to think and breathe. I have to design something for one, and may do something real quickly like and small. The other one is finished and uploaded, just have to get that one posted. I PROMISE I HAVEN'T DROPPED OUT ON THEM LADIES!!!! (That's for Jessica and Wilma *winky wink*) I have come to a cross roads with my designing. I haven't had a chance to clean my blog up, but am going to be doing some major overhaul with it in the coming days. I have left Glam N Glitter. I have taken what has gone on with that store extremely personal, but will say nothing more of the matter because I'm a LADY and a CLASSY one at that, and don't do drama no matter who's doing the dishing to begin with. I will say this: As of this point, I will do some serious consideration as to the stores I'm in right now, and if I will continue with them or drop out. I haven't made my mind up on that matter. This has been a MAJOR blow to my heart and spirit, to the point I have looked at just picking up my tools and walking away from it all except for just one store. People don't realize that there are others that are affected when someone decides to have a temper tantrum and shut things down. There are people out there such as myself that have serious trust issues, and to have a complete stranger come in and say "Trust me..." pffttt is what I say back. I have had no desire at all to design anything. I have been left empty, bereft, crushed because of GnG. My soul is so gone.. I haven't felt this way in six years to the day nearly. However, I am here, I am a fighter, and I don't give up. I don't turn tail and run, however I am EXTREMELY hesitant to join any new endeavours at this point, and looking to cut ties as best I can if it comes down to it. As I said, I just haven't made my mind up. In dealing with me, it's not just me, but my bipolar too. People need to understand that, and I'm not the only one "out there" that has this issue, and just can't "get over it and move on" like I've been told to do. I'm pissed, to be blunt and honest, and no one likes me when I get this way. Anyway... There's the current state of affairs for me. I've got to run and get this medication list made up and see if anything has happened to William's fever before having to leave in a couple of hours. If anyone wants me, I'll be on MSN or YIM, just remember if I don't respond, please don't take offense. I'm being selective as to who it is I talk with.


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