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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The good... the bad.. and the ugly....

Welp, I said I would do an update, so here it be.... :-/
First off, William....
He's doing sooooooo much better than he was 2 weeks ago!! He's finally back to his bouncy personality, and we have progressed so much back with potty training. He regressed back so bad, it made me cry each time we had a bathroom "episode" that ended up turning into a screaming fit that could be heard down the road outside it was so loud. He still has a significant mark along the side of his face between his right eye and temple. He wants his hair cut, but doesn't want anyone to look at his face. He loved going outside and being around others, and now he wants to be inside away from the world because he's ashamed of how he looks. The pictures below show where the injury happened, some of the deeper bruising just barely showing on his pale skin. He's so conscious of it, he refuses to have a camera take his picture. He's the biggest camera ham, and always takes the best pictures. To have him run and almost shriek in terror when a camera is brought out, hurts my heart tremendously. If anything makes you squirrley, you might wanna scroll by the pictures really fast.
For me....
Well, I had my doctor appointment for the PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) last week. Met with a great nurse practitioner that reminds me so much of my OB/GYN doc I had when I was preggy with William and had all those complications with. Same type of bubbly personality, but is professional at the same time. Very hands on, and helpful with answering any questions, makes herself available as much as possible either in person or on the phone. Anyway... she did this whole gamma of blood tests (I have this MAJOR fear of needles), and arranged for me to have an ultrasound test run (takes place a week from today) to see if I'm going to be a good candidate for one of the newest IUD options available that would prevent me from having to have radical surgery, as well as seeing if there's more going on with my girlie parts than what can show on your good ol' fashioned pap smear tests. Not 30 mins after we got home that afternoon, she's on the phone with me (for prolly a good 30 mins at least), letting me know one of the blood tests came back really abnormal. My thyroid is completely and totally not working. That's part of the reason why my moods are so out of control as well as one of the reasons why my weightloss has hit a brick wall. So, I get started on the synthroid replacement treatment, and am completely wiped out from the doctor's visit. She tells me that she won't be back until Tuesday (yesterday), and will check in on me when she gets back into the office. I'm actually feeling quite good as of yesterday (before her phone call). She calls, she has more bad news about another blood test that came back way off the charts. Because of the PCOS, there's a test that's done that checks for sugar/insulin resistance issues. That came back way off the charts. I have a brother that has Type 2 diabetes, though I thought he was insulin dependent (found out I was way wrong). She tells me that the test is bad enough that I'm now considered borderline diabetic, and she's going to begin treatment for diabetes. Thankfully, this type of diabetes is the one that is monitored via diet, and medication. I don't have to do insulin injections, however am unsure if I'm going to have to monitor sugar levels with blood testing or not. She said that she wants me to take this second medication, and when it's time to test my thyroid levels, this test will be run again too. She said at that point, if the test is abnormal again, she'll make a referal to another doctor for the diabetes, and we'll go from there.
The last 24 hrs have been super hard for me. It's hard to not feel overwhelmed, depressed, and alone. I know diabetes isn't one of "those" diagnoses like cancer and so forth. However, it's a heavy pill to swallow (no pun intended). Hubby's called me several times today just to check in on me, and I've cried each time I've heard his voice. I know I'll be alright and things will be okay, but my bipolar is really wanting to get out of control with the ideas/images going on in my head, it's hard to remain focused on what's going on at this moment instead of tomorrow or two weeks from now.
So anyway, that's what is going on with me, and why I've been so quiet. I'm hoping to change that with my designing. Hopefully you'll enjoy what I come up with. (That's another reason my mojo spider could use all the luvins you'd be willing to share too.) I've got some laundry I've been chugging through during the day that needs to be folded and put away. Don't think Hubby would like to come home with his chair overflowing with it. *hehehe* Maybe once that's done, I can get back to the FT kit, and maybe do a sneak-a-peek showing for yas to whet your tastebuds. ;-)


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You are not ALONE!
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